Phone of the Day: Toshiba DK Strata DKT-3010-S digital set REI Issaquah Washington

Here on visit to the Seattle area, I have stopped with my friends at an REI store. Looks like they have a Toshiba DK Strata system. First retailer I’ve been to all day that uses their phone system wisely for paging.

We also visited Costco which uses Nortel BCM phones but the overhead paging feature is not connected. There aren’t even any speakers, the internal communication uses walkie talkies. So much for lost children! “I am lost I can’t find Mommy.” “Sorry we are Costco and we want to keep our already loud environment free of paging and music, so you’re screwed little boy, we have no way of paging your Mommy.”

Trader Joes doesn’t page even though they have a NEC phone system. They use bells.

Ross Dress for Less doesn’t page either, they use walkie talkies even though they have toshiba phones.

Last retailer to not utilize their phone system is Sports Authority. The store we were at was apparently equipped for war games with the headsets the employees were wearing but their highly advanced store with many Cisco 7960s and 7906s plastered around the store were rendered useless and bit used for paging. What a waste of money.