Phone of the Day: Nortel M7310 Jackson Street Hardware Store Chicago

Notice the charge card reader and the Nortel phone in the attached photo. Back in 1990, that M7310 phone would have looked futuristic compared to the surroundings in the picture. Due to today’s more sleek IP phones and the enhanced digital phones, these Meridian sets, while workhorses that keep working and working, are often replaced only because they are considered “old” looking. Funny thing is that this set will probably outlive it’s newer competitors and still function long after they upgrade to yet another system. It’s amazing how a wipe down with Lysol disinfectant wipes and then a wipe down with a microfiber can make these phones look new again. If you are considering upgrading your M series phones because they look dirty and old, try cleaning them first and you may be amazed and not even want to upgrade lol.

So I found this phone at Wacker Hardware in Jackson in the West Loop of Chicago. Even though Keys are my least favorite right along with loose money change, these guys made it a very pleasant experience. I cannot stand the smell of my hands after handling keys or pennies, or even quarters. I have no idea how people put quarters in their mouths for drinking games in college. Believe me, it’s disgusting lol! So anyways, these guys gave me nice new keys…and their service was really good. I recommend them if you need great service.