Phone of the Day: Nortel M2006 Field Museum of Natural History Chicago IL

Today’s phone comes to you from last Saturday shown in a scientific lab at the Field Museum in Chicago. After a visit in 1997 I discovered that this museum uses a Nortel Meridian1 system and was happy to see that they are still utilizing this reliable system. The reception desk has dopey analog sets while the rest of the building has plenty of M2006 sets and a Meridian Mail voicemail system.

The particular phone in this picture is from a lab on the east side of the second floor balcony overlooking the grand hall.

The M2006 is a pretty basic set. It’s a single line digital set introduced with the Aries series of Northern Telecom phones introduced in 1989 to work on the revolutionary new Meridian1 platform introduced that same year. This set provides 1 digital DN like button and 5 additional autodial buttons. No handsfree talkback is available on this set, but one way dialing on hook is available. A fixed RLS and hold key plus a triangular MWI red indicator is available on the phone. This set was intended for areas where reliable digital communications was preferred over a conventional analog single line set.