Phone of the Day: AT&T Merlin 7302 Telephone Tiebel’s Fine Restaurant Schererville Indiana

A few weeks ago my sister and I took our Dad out for lunch to our favorite NW Indiana all American restaurant, Tiebel’s, which is on the corner of the “crossroads of America” us41 and us30 in Schererville Indiana. This restaurant has amazing food, they are really known for their fried chicken. I also love their excellent club sandwiches which are huge and come with just enough french fries, coleslaw and don’t forget a pickle spear. Tiebel’s has been around since the 1920s and have expanded their facility throughout the years, most recently 1985. The interior has been remodeled periodically since and is very elegant.

Tiebel’s has two dining choices, a formal dining room or a coffee shop. The coffee shop is more casual and good for a quick meal. It’s in the coffee shop I noticed this sleek AT&T Merlin phone on the wall at the main counter. This particular set is a simple 5 button set that was meant to replace the standard 1A2 analog phone set of the early 1980s. When first introduced around 1983 these sets were labeled Western Electric Merlin, but with the Bell System breakup that same year, the company named the phone system division AT&T Information Systems and thusly the phone became the AT&T Merlin. These phones looked really futuristic for 1983 and still look modern today, 30 years later. Like it’s Canadian cousin Nortel who were developing Meridian and Vantage phones at the time, Bell Labs AT&T allowed a single 2 pair of wire connections to these phones instead of a monstrous 25 pair with amphenol connector.

Get to teibels soon for an unforgettable awesome meal!

Take care.