Phones of the Day:Nortel M8003 and M3904 Digital Sets Purdue University Cary Quad

Ahhhhhh today I took a trip back down memory lane with my great friend Derek and his daughter Maya to Purdue University. We walked around campus and checked out our old dorm that Derek and I lived in junior and senior year. I spotted two really cool Nortel phones on my trip.

The first one the small single line phone is a Meridian 8003 analog set. The phone comes equipped with a redial button, a link button and hit mute button. A red LED message waiting light also appears on the phone. It also blinks when a call rings into the phone. This phone was released in the early 1990s as part of the new Nortel consumer sets available for purchase directly from Nortel through an 800-number and later a website. Aastra telecom eventually took this over and still manufacturers these phones but in a new body style.

What’s really interesting about this phone is that when I moved to Purdue in 1995 long before the Nortel system was installed I purchased one of these phones for my dorm room in McCutchen hall. All of my neighbors thought it was a really cool set. Then in 1997 the entire dorm system at Purdue had these phones installed in the rooms. Now due to cell phones these phones are only available upon request if students would like one in their dorm room. This phone in the picture is up on the wall to call residents right outside of the front desk at Cary Quad.

We also talked to the front desk guy named Anthony, and he took a picture of the M 3904 Digital Meridian 1 set on the desk of the residence hall. Purdue installed this Nortel SL 100 back in 1997 while I was a student there. Naturally I was quite excited when Purdue installed a Nortel system. The system is now upgraded to a CS 2100. There are a ton of M2616 telephones and M3904 telephones around the campus plus additional analog sets throughout the campus.

Boiler up and Purdue won today. It was a great day walking the campus with Derek and reminiscing about our great days at old Purdue!

Hail Purdue!