Phone of the Day: Cisco 6921 Strack & Van Til Food Market Valparaiso IN

Spotted on a column in the canned food aisle at “Stracks” was this cool looking Cisco IP telephone. This 6921 set closely mimics a Nortel set right down to the handset styling. The display is a bit small so I assume this is why these phones are being phased out of for the 7800 IP sets.

Stracks, all through my youth and young adult days has always been innovative with their phones, except for in the late 1980s they used awful aiphone and 1a2 phones at their Highland IN Ultra Foods. I remember the thrill in 1991 when they replaced the aiphone sets with a Comdial Executech system. Then in the mid 2000s they replaced that with a Nortel Norstar switch and use the awkward “701” extension for parking. T7100s are all over that store.

I have seen everything in these stores throughout the years. Toshiba DK Strata, Lucent Merlin Legend, TIE Meritor, Nortel Norstar/BCM, Cisco and Comdial. They were exclusively using Nortel but recently went to Cisco.

They utilize paging quite frequently and always install the highest quality amplifiers. The paging always sounds excellent.

Here is the 6921.