Phone of the Day: Cisco 7942 SAMs Club Traverse City MI

Well don’t get me started on the stupid setup of phones at this location. Why on earth would you buy such a sophisticated IP telephone system and only use it for external calls? They use walkie talkies for all internal communication. Welcome back to the 1970s when stores used their 1A2 telephones for external calls and a separate intercom for the paging and internal calls. We progressed so far technologically only to be set back by retailers such as WalMart, Target, SAMs, Dicks Sporting Goods….who have amazing Cisco phone systems but only use them for external calls. These stores do not allow external paging for any means and do not communicate using the phones for intercom in the store. They install the paging equipment for emergencies, but they never use the paging. Why???? Because they are told by outside retail consultants who have never worked a day in their life in stores, that paging is annoying to customers. Now SAMs and the others have to buy not only a phone system, but a sophisticated walkie talkie system as well. Seems quite duplicative in my book.

Meijer on the other hand is a star. They buy IP Wireless Dect sets for all of their employees, and still utilize paging in a clean effective method. They do not buy a separate system and therefore save a ton of money on communication needs. Plus on those walkie talkies at SAMs, Target or WalMart, you can’t dial out for an emergency. Dumb dumb dumb.

Here is the under utilized partially hung up phone at SAMs in Traverse City.

Happy $$$$$$$$$$ money spending Walmart and SAMs! They literally should just but an analog 4 line phone for the store and forget the IP equipment.