Phone of the Day: Nortel Norstar M7324 Digital Telephone

Shown in my friend Derek’s kitchen is the switchboard phone for his home with two daughters and his wife.

The M7324 is considered the “console” switchboard phone for the Norstar system. Originally developed in 1987-88, these sets can be complimented with at least 2 KEM units to provide a central answering position or CAP.

This phone can be seen on the desks of small insurance agencies to the desks of presidents of universities. This means the phone can be used on the smaller 3×8 or the larger 8×24 or MICS centrex.

This particular phone from 1996 was sold by Ameritech, the former huge Midwestern baby bell telecom provider in the Midwest. These phones were retrofitted with a private brand Ameritech text on the display while a flashy newer Nortel logo was placed over the former NT Northern Telecom logo. Nortel marketed private branding on these phones, You’d see everything from TIE communications to GTE to BELL printed near the speakers in these phones.

The smaller M7100 is basically a sliced
Version of the M7324, with the button section eliminated but the HOLD and RLS in the same section.