Phone of the Day: Polycom VVX500 IP Set Max and Benny’s Northbrook IL

Spotted at the hostess stand at Max and Benny’s Jewish deli in Northbrook near my office, is a cool looking Polycom VVX500 IP telephone. It appears to be a touchscreen set with a color display.

This is a SIP set that can interface with any SIP compatible IP PBX. The phone is sleek and attractive.

The telephone can have up to 12 kind appearances, streaming video playback, supports expansion modules for KEMS, accepts wireless and USB headsets, low power feature when not in use, 12 hard key dialpad, home button,mute button, speaker button, volume button, and headset button, supports full HD handsfree, and supports gigabit IP transmission.

Also visiting the restaurant yesterday was US Vice President Joe Bidens wife. Mrs. Biden was giving a speech in the next room.