Phone of the Day: Nortel M2008 Digital Telephone

Once only able to be used on the Meridian 1 and CS1000 platform, the Meridian Modular Phones or Aries II M2000 sets are now compatible with the E-MetroTel UCx platform designed and built by veteran Nortel engineers and developers who have started a grass roots company to preserve the support, quality and integrity of the Nortel product line. Now on the UCx you can use these phones alongside Meridian Norstar and BCM telephones as well as SIP IP phones and Nortel Unistim phones. Forget about ripping and replacing when you can just upgrade and keep your users free of disruption.

I picked up this particular New In Box M2008 Basic set on EBay for $14, dated 12/94. Hard to believe this set is 20 years old. It has contemporary styling that makes a lot of modern new equipment look cheap. Many of these phones are still around from hospitals to universities to and centers such as the National Hurricane Center in Miami Florida. The phones are solid, durable and have crystal clear technology.

The only difference between this set and the M2000s introduced in 1997, is that Nortel changed the dialpad font to be italicized.

I personally remember seeing this phone the first time at an Omni Superstore grocery store in Schererville Indiana in 1991. This store developed by Chicago retail grocery magnet Dominick’s, was using ROLM redwood sets, and when this store opened Omni changed to these futuristic looking M2008 sets with the unique red triangle and angled lines. I was so impressed that I researched the best I could without the internet in those days and finally came across Northern Telecom and called the 1800northern number. They loved my interest and sent me countless brochures.

Ahhhh memories…..