Phone of the Day: Nortel M7100 Digital Telephone Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant Chicago, IL

My favorite breakfast place also has my favorite telephone system. I have become their adjunct telephone guy who helps maintain their Nortel CICS from the late 1990s.

This particular telephone is on their front wall as a back up phone to answer calls when the main phone is occupied. It’s a single line phone that allows call waiting by switching between lines using the hold button.

These phones have been used at many retailers as a checkout phone. It’s simple to use but comes with all of the features to make paging and retrieving parked calls easy such as RLS and a feature button to access feature codes. It’s still a digital telephone so it comes with the 4 Norstar ring tones and on hook dialing, but no Handsfree answer back is available.

If you look closely it’s almost a chopped off version of half of a M7324 receptionist telephone.