Phone of the Day: AT&T Synapse Telephone System Marcos Pizza Highland IN

With the fall of Nortel, one of their biggest distributors, AT&T appears to be distributing many systems across the board to fill the gap left by Norstar. Interesting enough, it’s not IP office, but appears to be this self contained mini system called a Synapse. I can’t find much online about the Synapse other than its a consumer based phone system that can be bought on the consumer side of their website.

I’d personally recommend the E-MetroTel UCx as a replacement for Norstar as it’s completely identical to the Norstar and extremely affordable.

The Synapse phones themselves are quite stylish and come with a lot of features.

See the attached photos. These were at a Marcos Pizza in Highland IN where my Dad and I ordered a wonderful pizza to go. They definitely have a good carry out pizza for a great price.