Phone of the Day: Northern Telecom Logic 1A2 Phone SCTV John Candy Skit

The phone showing in the bottom of the attached photo is an early modern wedge shaped Northern Telecom telephone.

There were two version of Nortel business sets in the early 1980s when this show was produced in Edmonton. There was the digital SL-1 sets that ran off the digital SL-1 PBX. Judging from the size of the linecord in this photo, this is a 1A2 analog set….which were named Logic sets. They resemble the electronic feature sets of the SL-1 but they have bell ringers and flashing incandescent push button line buttons. Instead of digital signaling controlling the line sharing, which is very common today, this phone uses the 1A2 style of depressing a line button mechanically instead of digitally. A volume control knob also exists on the bottom of the set instead of the electronic signaling up and down volume buttons on the SL-1 sets. No RLS release (or commonly mislabeled Ris) buttons existed on these Logic sets.

First photo shows a collector who has a the logic sets on the left side of the page. The second photo is a screenshot from SCTV showing John Candy in a wig and a Northern Telecom Logic set in front of him.