Phone of the Day: Nortel i2002 IP Set My Parents House

Next to my Dads TV in my Parents family room sits a Nortel i2002 IP telephone connected remotely to my E-MetroTel UCx back in Chicago 30 miles away. I gave him an autodial to both my system and the remote phone at my sisters house, halfway between my Dads and Chicago. This is the perfect little phone to call my Dad on and talk to him. He knows how to use the Handsfree button and Goodbye RLS button as well.

This style of phone was developed around 1999 along with the i2004 and introduced with an ether grey purple color only. This was for telecom technicians to know the difference between the digital M3900 sets and the IP i2000 sets. The charcoal color didn’t come out till around 2001, and both sets were originally non POE and required a power adapter or a POE splitter.

Before I cleaned the phone with a Clorox wipe.


After I cleaned the phone with a Clorox Wipe. Best way to clean Nortel phones! After wiping with Clorox use a microfiber cloth to wipe any dust off. This phone looks like new.