Phone of the Day: Toshiba DP5022SD Digital Set Lagunitas Brewery Chicago IL

Along with amazing beer in this new microbrewery (which is 300,000 sq ft) I found this newest generation Toshiba digital telephone. These proprietary digital sets work on the CIX and CTX and are replacements for the former DK Strata digital sets. These sets are a dramatic departure from the former vertically designed DK sets. While Nortel came out with the slim horizontal set in 1998, Toshiba just joined the band wagon in 2010. The Toshiba IP sets look very similar to these digital sets.

Now for the beer! It’s amazing at Lagunitas and they give awesome tours of the brewery. The tap room overlooks the large facility. Upon entering visitors are treated to a long psychedelic hallway with purple lights and willy wonka music playing!

Definitely worth the trip!