Phone of the Day: Avaya 6408+ Digital Telephone Hammond Clinic Munster, Indiana

Today’s phone comes from my childhood healthcare provider, Hammond Clinic. When I was a child I visited this clinic for my physicals and I was absolutely afraid of the place and because I was always worried about getting a painful shot. I remember that this clinic used to have ROLM CBX RP120 phones, 20 years ago when I went there for my college physical. Now it looks like they upgraded to Avaya Definity and it must have been over 15 years ago as all of the phones say “Lucent” on them and the Lucent Avaya merger was in 2000. Interesting enough, the staff uses the phone system to page individuals into the urgent care rooms in the urgent care waiting area. It must be a zone on the overall 5 story clinic paging system. It ties into an older paging system that existed from when I visited the clinic 20 years ago. A loud “pop” accompanies the end of the page after the paging party hangs up. This occurred with the older Rolm phones as well.

The 6408+ phone in the attached photo is a basic non display model. It’s actually more rare to find these than the display models. This phone competed with the basic M2008 from Nortel.Avaya