Phone of the Day: Avaya (Nortel) 1230 IP Phone Hospital Front Desk + Waiting Room

image1[1]IP_PhoneToday’s phone comes from the hospital that my Father is being treated at in Northwest Indiana.  The hospital has an amazing Nortel CS1000 telephone system that has evolved from an original early 1980s SL-1 System.  Currently supported by a great local vendor telecom institution called Tri-Electronics, the system is constantly kept up to date.   I bought my first Nortel analog Meridian 8417 Business Set back in 1996 to take to my dorm room at Purdue from Tri-Electornics.  I remember my Dad driving me there to pick up the phone and his support for my hobby.

The 1230 IP set is a fully featured IP Phone which is a less expensive version of the 1100 IP sets.  Originally badged Nortel, Avaya has decided to keep these phones and rebranded them with the red Avaya logo.  The firmware is available in both Unistim and SIP.   The 1230IP sets are part of the 1200 IP set family, were originally developed for the BCM but worked it’s way over to the more extensive CS1000 and CS2100 switches.  The 1230IP set has a bunch of extra feature keys, 10 to be exact.  The letters are non illuminated blue LCD pixels.  These are great phones for people who want to upgrade their existing Meridian switches to  support IP sets.  They are also supported on the E-MetroTel UCx Server in both the Unistim and SIP firmware.