Working Remotely, Nortel Style

My Father has been spending a lot of time in a hospital in our hometown of Munster, IN, called Community Hospital, actually a large Nortel customer.  The other day I was working remotely and I thought I should bring a little bit of my Nortel/E-MetroTel UCx system with me and plug a Nortel 1110 IP telephone into the thunderbolt port on my Mac and I set up a little office on the patient room desk, built in for family or doctor use.  The thunderbolt port lets me trap the wi fi signal from the hospital and use the internet connection for IP communication as well.  As you can see I received a couple of phone calls from friends while I was working.  What a nifty setup!

The 6384 notation on the display is telling me which DID was dialed when my friends called my system.  On this particular phone, 1 line of display space is available for showing calling party information and status.  These pictures sure look good!

IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0118