Phone of the Day (1): Nortel T7316E DeCero Hello Tacos Mexican Restaurant Chicago, IL

On my birthday this past Wednesday, my girlfriend took me out for an awesome dinner to my favorite taco place in the city of Chicago, De Cero.  I absolutely love the Shrimp Tacos and Three Cheese Taco.  It was Ash Wednesday so I only had the meatless options.  We also tried the Chips and Salsa and Margaritas which were awesome as well.

Spotted at the bar while I was waiting for her to arrive, was a Nortel T7316E on the backbar.  At the front Hostess stand was another T7316E.  These phones are from the Nortel Norstar and BCM line of telephones.  Introduced in 1999 to work specifically on the newly released Enterprise Edge 1o00 first generation BCM Business Communication Manager, these phones are also backward compatible to work on any Norstar system whether it was from 1988 or 1998 and anything newer.  These phones also work wonderfully on the new Nortel engineered UCx switch from E-MetroTel.  They also work on the IP Office Version 8.1 and up with a special combo card for Nortel phones.

The T7316, T7208, T7100, T7406E, T7316E series phones are still manufactured by Avaya and still do not have an End Of Life date yet either.  Even though Avaya discontinued the BCM and Norstar, they still manufacture and support these phone sets.  My guess is that these sets are still everywhere out there so Avaya wants to keep making money on the sets.

I assume at this restaurant, they have a Norstar or BCM platform.

Sorry for the bad lighting in the pictures, but it was quite dark in the restaurant.  It’s nice to still see so many Nortel products still out there.

image1 image2