Phone of the Day (2): Munster IN Nursing Facility, Comdial Impact 8024S-GT Phone (Black)

Another phone I spotted today is this strangely designed copy cat of a Nortel Norstar M7310 at my Dad’s nursing facility in Munster, IN.  The phones color coded buttons, 3 soft keys under the display, large handsfree speaker, and euro looking handset are very closely designed to that of the Nortel Norstar M7000 series telephones.

The nursing facility uses this Comdial (what they call antiquated) system throughout this building built in 2000.  I am surprised they have Comdial here, as the hospital they are associated with mainly uses Nortel Meridian phones.

Notice next to the phone is a DuKane microphone.  This very common Microphone was also used at my high school (which was eventually overshadowed by telephone paging).  DuKane seems to be very popular in Northwest Indiana, as Tri Electronics, the main AV and telecom provider around here, was a huge installer of DuKane PA systems throughout the area.  The round simple ceiling speakers in the hallway here are even labeled DuKane.  DuKane was acquired by another company and another company to the point I don’t even know if they exist anymore.  One thing is certain, DuKane made fine public address systems.  The paging from both the microphone and Comdial telephone system paging sound amazingly clear.  The background music being broadcast through the system also sounds clear and clean.

I just heard two different pages, one from the Microphone and one from the telephone system.  The Mic sounds extremely clear but the Comdial Impact phone sounds just as clear.  The only difference is the Comdial Makes a Double busy tone to announce the page and you can hear the obvious hangup noise.  The DuKane stops the music on the amplifier but the Comdial paging mixes with the music.

The folks here at the home told me that the Comdial system will soon be replaced.  I assume by an Avaya IP Office, maybe an E-MetroTel UCx if I can get their attention here at the hospital.

Well flattery and copying are the best thing around.  These Comdial phones 8024-GT also called “Impact” have evolved into the Vertical Networks platform when Vertical purchased Comdial.