Phone of the Day: Toshiba IP5132-SD/IDM5060 Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts Grand Rapids, MI

Spotted on a wonderful weekend trip at a very cool gallery, artist space in Grand Rapids, was a very cool Toshiba IP Telephone at the front reception desk.  These up to date Toshiba phones now have a horizontal profile as opposed to the traditional DK Strata Vertical orientated telephones.  These latest IP Phones are part of the IP5000 Series that work on the Toshiba CIX IP PBX.  There are paper labeled buttons on these particular phones but you can purchase the following phones for a phone with programmable LCD button labels.

IP5531-SDL (Non-backlit LCD, 10/100 Mbs only) IP5631-SDL (10/100 Mbs only)

There is also a programmable digital KEM module that can attach to the phones as well:

Add-On Module LCD key labels10 programmable buttons LM5110

Toshiba Telephone systems evolved out of the early 1980s Strata system introduced by Harris/Lanier Communications, which was bought out by Toshiba in the late 1980s.  The telephones evolved from very, very basic utilitarian key systems to full Hybrid PBX systems now.

My high school in Munster Indiana had these phones from 1998-2008 when they upgraded to Cisco IP sets.

Toshiba has always had a large presence in the Grand Rapids area as a large telecom reseller and installer, Central Interconnect, primarily installed Toshiba DK Strata Systems throughout the area.  My first workplace out of college had a Strata system and still does.  A whole bunch of other places in town such as restaurants and smaller businesses used the Toshiba systems, while the large organizations such as universities and hospitals use Nortel/Avaya phone systems.