Phones of the Day: Nortel T7208 and T7316e Kohls Department Store, Noblesville, IN

While visiting my friend Derek in the Indianapolis area, his kids needed some clothing, so him, his wife and kids and myself went into the store.  I found two Nortel phones, the platinum one was randomly on a wall and the charcoal one was at the registers.  Kohls has been a Nortel user for at least 10 years now.  It’s hard to tell if they use the paging feature or if they only use two way radios now.  I heard no pages except for some canned “indyme” system messages for help ar the registers.  I personally prefer a real voice.

When I asked the clerk at the checkout if they page, she told me that, yes they still page overhead occasionally but that we were there on a slow night.

So here is yet another Nortel user.  Let’s hope they decide to upgrade to the Emetrotel UCx solution so they can keep their Nortel phones, and upgrade to voip and have continued support after Avaya discontinues support!