Phone of the Day: Cisco 7962 And Yealink W52p IP Phones at The Meatball Shop New York City

The meatball shop, NY

My friend Kort is visiting New York City and he sent me the attached photo of a third generation Cisco 7900 series 7962 IP telephone from the famous Meatball Shop in NYC.   

The difference between this 7962 set and the 7960 and 7961 is that the earlier sets used highly pixelated text LCD display on the phones while this newer 7962 uses a smooth rounded text on the LCD display. 

Also in the photo is a Yealink W52P IP wireless telephone.  This phone has a color display and is a third party sip device.  

Due to the phone in the configuration stage, I am not able to tell if this phone is running on their party open source sip or a Cisco call manager system. 

Thanks for sending the pic Kort!