Phones of the Day: Panasonic Digital vs. IP Phones,  Doctors Office Munster, IN

Today I was visiting my dad’s doctors office for his weekly appointment and I noticed that his doctors office has  upgraded to a new Panasonic phone system over the past week.

I snapped the first picture of one of the original Panasonic digital telephones that I observed in the office. The phones actually didn’t look all that old, so that’s why I was surprised today to see a whole new phone system. 

This is the Panasonic KX-T7453 digital telephone, the before phone from a few weeks back. The styling is pretty early 1990s key telephone system styling, with the boxy handset. 


The after is a photo of the replacement IP telephone, from the new UT series from Panasonic.  I believe these are SIP phones and according to the Panasonic documentation, you can use these on open source SIP such as Asterisk.  

The phone below is the KX-UT136-B IP telephone.  Nice new styling on these sets ironically is similar to the 1999 introduction of the M3900 digital sets from Nortel. 


These sets also look strangely similar to Toshiba’s new line of IP phones as well!

The doctors office gets really good use of these phones. They are constantly paging with them and announcing that doctors are on the phone for different people in the office. I noticed the old extensions that they had were only three digits the newest extensions on the new system are now four digits such as 1100.