Phone of the Day: Nortel 1140E Snoqualmie Casino, Snoqualmie Washington

Sent to me by Justin, the other guy from two guys and their phones, is a Nortel 1140E at the valet stand at this relatively new casino built on the beautiful foothills of the mountains, just east of Seattle.

Like at many Casino’s, the Nortel/Avaya CS1ooo is the preferred option for both hospitality functions with hotel rooms and the extensive business operations end of the casinos.  This particular casino doesn’t have a hotel, but another casino in Northern Michigan called the Turtle Creek Casino/Resort does have a Nortel CS1000 system for both guest rooms and casino functions.

The 1140E is the latest and last 6 button IP Phone developed by Nortel before the Avaya acquisition, is (contrary to what most Avaya vendors will tell you) still manufactured and supported on not only the BCM/CS1000/CS2100, but also is supported on the Avaya Aura/IP Office as a SIP client, but can also work on pure SIP from a provider such as Ring Central/8×8/VOIP.MS with the correct firmware.  Version 1.0 and 2.2 SIP firmware are recommended as they are completely free and require no licensing from Avaya.

I personally have a SIP version of an 1140E working on pure SIP from VOIP.MS, another 114oE working on my IP Office as a SIP phone and finally a few 1140Es working as Unistim clients on the E-MetroTel UCx. While the SIP firmware is the route that Avaya is taking the 1100 series 1120E/1140E/1165E sets, the Unistim firmware provides far more functions and bells and whistles than the SIP version, such as programmable key click, call buzz, button display, etc….features that are much more difficult on the SIP version.

This particular phone, if you look close enough on the photo, is running on a CS1000.

image1.JPGMy favorite button on this phone?  The yellow Goodbye button, taking the place of the old school Red or Orange RLS button