Phone Video of the Day: Northern Telecom at Porsche North American Headquarters 1989

The attached link to the video, where Porsche is spelled incorrectly contains a very interesting video talking about state of the art 1989 ISDN trunking services and Meridian SL1 (named Meridian 1 the following year).

All IT guys should be forward thinking like the Steve Backe from Porsche in the video.  He was talking 1999 terminology in 1989.  When you see the actual videos of the telephones themselves, especially the black M2317 sets, the telephone sets look amazingly modern compared to the employees hairstyles and dos based computers. 

What I find even more fascinating are images of the newly created M2008 telephones in the video.  They were considered the Aries I sets simply labeled Meridian for the first two years of production until the Meridian 1 name was released and a newer italicized Helvetica font was introd used for the logo on all Meridian 1 equipment in 1991.

The Porsche North American headquarters relocated from Reno to Atlanta in 1998.  I wonder if they continued using a Nortel system or went to switched to a different system.

Enjoy the video and the hairstyles!
Here are some screen captures.  Look at how advanced the calling line identification display was for 1989.  The H in front of the extension number means the calling party is on a networked ISDN Meridian switch at a remote location.  Also notice the first use of context sensitive soft keys underneath the display, commonplace on today’s IP telephones.