The Guest Room

My great friend Justin, the other guy of two guys and their phones, has created this wall of phones for me for every time I visit him and his lovely wife in Seattle. This cozy guestroom with a comfortable bed from IKEA and very good circulation with views of the distant mountains, also has a shelf full of many IP phones. Everything from Nortel to Cisco to Polycom to a TOA amplifier we are going to hook up for paging someday.  He can already page my house in Chicago from his UCx and I can page his phone UCx sets in Seattle, but not an overhead speaker yet.  Some of these phones are hooked up while others are just on display but soon he’s going to hook up a POE switch and all of the phones will work.  These phones are in addition to the large Emetrotel UCx that he has in his home with multiple Nortel IP phones located throughout the house.

 Oh and how are our systems linked together?  Through an IAX trunk.