Phone of the Day: Cisco 7841 IP Telephone at a large Casino in Lake Charles Louisana

On the way back on our road trip, my friend from college Derek, and I hit up a brand-new gold inspired casino in Lake Charles Louisiana. Now I don’t want to say the name of the casino but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Most casinos I’ve seen throughout the Chicago area and in Michigan use the Nortel CS 1000 or a Mitel PBX system. I also have seen Avaya heavily used in casinos. This is the first time I’ve seen casinos go to the Cisco route, but I’ve never been to Las Vegas itself so I am sure I would see more Cisco product there.

The phone shown in the photo is from Cisco’s newer line of IP telephones named the 7800 series IP sets. These phones are designed to be used on SIP or SCCP and are meant for people who are ready for a phone similar to the original 7900 Series IP telephones, but with updated styling and enhanced features.

Rumor has it that the individual at Cisco who designed the 7800 series IP telephones is the same guy who designed the Nortel 1100 series IP phones while they were employed at Nortel. You can definitely see some similarities in the design of these Cisco phones with the Nortel 1100 phones.