Phone of the Day: Inter-Tel Axxess 550.8520 Digital Telephone or IP 550.8622P @ Specs Wine and Spirits Houston Smith Street 

Spotted in the cheese department at my favorite Texas liquor store, Specs, is an Inter-Tel digital telephone (maybe IP telephone) that works on the Inter-Tel Axxess telephone system software version 7.0 or newer or the Inter-Tel/Mitel 5000 system V1.1 later.  I can’t completely guarantee this is a digital telephone as I didn’t see the cable connected into the telephone.  Inter-Tel also has an identically designed IP set named the 550.8622, so it’s possible this phone is the IP version.

IP or digital, This is nicely styled telephone with some nice curves in it, but the display could me a little bigger.  The telephone has 20 programmable buttons, a large red hold button and is considered the mid range phone in the used for standard workers.  

Inter-Tel is part of Mitel, a large Canadian telecommunications company based in Ottawa.

This is the largest Specs and its called their superstore.  It’s amazing, this store has a huge huge selection of beer wine and spirits plus gourmet meats, cheeses and international foods, basically anything to throw a great party.  The friendly employees are always ready to help.  I always look forward to going to this store when I visit Texas.  

This Specs has over 20 registers and they use the phone system for overhead paging and internal calling quite a bit.  The registers are equipped with standard black “ma bell” 2554 wall telephones.  They even have a reception desk with an operator at the front of the store.

I can’t wait to come back to Texas to visit Specs again!