Phone of the day:  ITT 2554 Analog Wall Telephone @ Meijer Highland, IN 

Last night in a rainy Friday evening my girlfriend and I met my Sister and Brother in Law for dinner at a great Mexican restaurant in Northwest Indiana named LaCaretta.  Afterwards we stopped at Meijer, the 24 hour super center and I snapped a photo of this standard black ITT 2554 wall phone originally introduced by ATT back in the early 1960s, and has been manufactured by various companies since who still retain the 2554 model number to this day. 

Meijer uses an Avaya PBX system with VoIP 9630s and wireless handsets for floor employees, but all of the registers and sales floor team members use these classic 2554 telephones.  The standard G style handset really doesn’t sound that good voice quality wise especially on a PA system.