Phones of the Day 2: Hitachi and NEC telephone systems @ Geneva Grand Resort, Lake Geneva Wisconsin

A few weeks ago I stayed at the Geneva Grand Resort in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  The resort at one time was the Playboy Club, a quintessential gentlemans resort.  The resort is more recently an upscale family resort with an adjacent Timber Ridge Waterpark Resort and Hotel.  

As I approached the front desk at Timber Ridge, I was wondering what type of Avaya, Mitel, Cisco or Nortel system I might find at the front desk…..instead I found this old dinosaur…. 


a Hitachi SelectSet 400A-DT-5054A Attendant Operations set.  Whoa, long name…..I found it from this screenshot.  I had never ever seen this telephone before, can you believe that? A phone Joe Sus has never seen before?


Hitachi Telecom USA was based in Norcross Georgia and was acquired in 2006 by Xeta Technologies of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

This particular phone was part of the HCX5000i digital PBX and was part of the WelCOMM hotel motel feature package.  

The phones look pretty antiquated and primitive to me.  Even the front desk staff told me that these are pretty antiquated and will be replaced soon. 

The room telephones were standard analog Teledex motel phones.  What was really interesting is that when I dialed from the analog room phones and misdialed, a familiar Avaya sounding up and down whooping tone told me I dialed something incorrectly. 

Next we wandered over to the main resort building at Grand Geneva and I found this NEC Dterm Series III set, which were introduced by NEC in the early -mid 1990s.  I remember when my sisters federal office building upgradesd to these back in 1995 to replace a Nortel SL1 with wedge sets.  Cutting over to NEC when Nortel SL1s/Meridian1 PBXs were still the dominant PBX really baffled me….government waste at its best.  The SL1 could have been upgraded to Meridian1 at a fraction of the cost of an entirely new PBX.   Oh well.

I found this beige 16 button Dterm Series III set on the main bar next to reception.  The front desk uses the more modern black D Term Series 4 sets I posted about yesterday from the LeMeridien in San Francisco.