Phone of the Day: Cisco 7962 IP Telephone + 7915 IP Expansion Module @ a Discount Store in Chicago, IL

Since I have zoomed so close into this phone, I don’t want to give the name of the retailer I took this photo at, seeing they might get angry I posted it.

I will say that the photo below is quite interesting.  Notice the TOA (high end retail sound system) microphone behind the phone. Obviously it’s placed in a position that it doesn’t look like it’s used much, and why should it be?  The Cisco IP phone clearly has a page button and I am sure sounds amazing over the TOA paging system.  Even though there is all of this fancy paging equipment, this retailer doesn’t make many pages, they mainly use their walkie talkies.  The TOA CS-64 Horn speakers on the columns have pretty incredible audio clarity, it’s a shame they don’t use them more!

I talked to a team member and she told me that they do page, as a last resort if they can’t find a coworker or someone has their radio off.  Pharmacy will page customers back to the pharmacy and closing announcements are paged as well.  

The phone at this location is considered the main attendant console.  I love how nicely everything is labeled with the digital display next to the buttons on the 7915.  I remember when this store opened they used an Avaya 6400 series digital telephone with the annoying desi strips.  Next, this retailer should start installing the 7965 sets with color display and the color 7916 awesome looking KEM side car.