Phone of the Day: Hitachi Selectset 700 @ DoubleTree Hilton Carmel Indiana

I took a photo of this Hitachi Selectset 700 digital front desk hotel attendant console in Carmel Indiana.  I’ve never known much about this system and based on my earlier Hitachi post, didn’t know it even existed till last month.  

Apparently Comdial manufactured the phone for Hitachi in exchange for the Hitachi hotel protocol software to be used on the Comdial Concierge product.  See the screenshot below. 

One of the real big interesting points here is how much these phones rip off the design of the mid 1990s Norstar telephones from Nortel.  These phones were released in the mid 90s when Nortel and the Norstar line were the worlds leader in telecom.

So even though this Hitachi telephone resembles a value conscious line of telephones (discontinued) from Comdial which now can be bought for $44-$64 dollars refurbished , the Hitachi versions retails from $340-$440 per set refurbished.

This hotel was pretty friendly but in a definite need of the remodel which is about to occur this week.  They are going to renovate the hotel into a Homewood Suites and add a new phone system of course.  I’ll have to check back to see what they end up installing once the remodel is over.

Here is the “nortelesque” Hitachi Comdial phone.