Phones of the Day: Nortel 1120E IP Sets & WBBM Channel 2 CBS Chicago News Broadcast Studio 

My favorite phones were spotted tonight during my walk, at the Channel 2 production studio which faces the street.  In the photo you’ll see two Nortel 1120E sets, once with the back showing and one with the front visible.     

The studio opened in 2008 after a move from a terribly old studio on McClurg Court with a first generation ATT Merlin or similar system that was always visible on their 1980s newsroom broadcasts. 

Since the studio opened in 2008, I am going to assume they use a Nortel CS1000 PBX.  

I love the 1100 Series IP phones from Nortel and they are such a good phone that Avaya continues to manufacture them and the CS1000 as well.