Phone of the Day: Avaya 2500 Analog set

Originally introduced by Western Electric in 1968, this Avaya telephone is the modern son of the great granddaddy of all telephones the, the Western Electric 2500.  This phone is shown at a Macy’s in downtown Chicago, the former Marshall Field’s flagship.   The store contains an Avaya Definity telephone switch with 6400 sets for the multi line sets.  The analog sets are a mix of wall and desk phones.  The use of an Avaya telephone system can be stemmed back to Dayton Hudson corporation who used Avaya systems in all of their department stores and Target stores. 

This telephone has one additional feature, a volume up and volume down button for the ear piece handset volume.  Also this phone contains an electronic ringer instead of a bell ringer. 

Ahhhhh Ma Bell!

Or Ms. Avaya?