Phone of the Day: Vertical 7024D SBX IP Phone @ A Country Club in Indiana

This past Saturday was my 20th high school reunion and it was held at really exclusive country club in NW Indiana.  I spotted this phone on the hostess stand.

The phone is called a Vertical SBX-IP telephone and even though it’s an IP set, the display still treats it like an old key system telephone and names the extension as a “station.”  

The phone is ok, the dial pad looks a little 1980s Knight Rider TV Show style though.  Some color coding for the buttons would be helpful as well.  These phones are the next generation of the old school Vodavi key systems that were so popular in the 1990s.  Vertical bought out Vodavi in 2006.

You can find these phones at your local CVS Pharmacy as its their exclusive line of telephones in their stores.