Phone of the Day: Avaya Partner 18D Euro Set @ ATT Wireless Chicago 

Today I stopped in a wireless provider.  They have completely eliminated desktop computers from the sales counters and instead they give the sales associates iPads.  The only thing left on the counters are a slough of Avaya Partner second generation Euro telephones.  
As they told me, they still have a need for reliable land line service, so the Partner sets do the job when they need to make test calls etc.

All of the phones have the Avaya larger faceplate logo removed from them though, perhaps to not detract from the ATT name?  If you look closer at the button labels I believe you can see an Avaya logo there. 

These phone models were replaced by the third generation Partner sets in about 2005-2006.

The Partner systems were eliminated all together to be replaced by the IP Office in 2010.