Phone of the Day: Avaya Nortel T7316E @ a body and bath outlet store in Rosemont, IL

Todays phone comes to you from a wonderfully scented store called Bath and Body Works.  

I noticed this legacy Nortel phone has been branded with the Avaya logo.  What’s interesting is that I see these phones being ripped out left and right and replaced with much more complex and expensive systems.  These phones are still manufactured and still work on an Avaya system, the IP Office.  Additionally they also work like legacy Nortel phones on the new UCx from Emetrotel with the added benefit of working with Meridian 1 and Nortel Unistim IP phones and single all in one licenses per extension. 

For example, after the shopping trip today, I was at a pizza joint tonight that used to have a BCM installed a little less than two years ago and now it’s replaced with a new IP system from a closed source IP system company.  I was furious.  I know the new system they installed costs at least 20K for a fully loaded 12 extension and 4 trunk system.   If the restaurant would have considered the UCx system they could have upgraded their back end system hardware and left the newer Nortel phones alone on the front end.  The Emetrotel cost would have been around 5K instead of the 20K they spent on the proprietary IP system.  Throw in new IP phones on the UCx and the cost would have went up to 6K, but still a very good value.  

Here is what’s going on out there.  Many vulnerable vendors are telling customers, “Nortel is dead, you won’t have support and you need to upgrade to our fully supported switch.”  Joe Blow believes it, has his fully functional problem free Nortel system ripped out and doesn’t even realize his wallet is being ripped out too.  It’s a lie, the Emetrotel UCX and Avaya IP Office continues to support these sets!

Glad to see some retailers, as pictured below,  still see the value in their Nortel phones.