Phone of the Day: Samsung Prostar 816 Telephone @ a dental office in Chicago

I stopped at a dental office today and discovered this older looking beast from Samsung, manufactured long before the successful Galaxy mobile phones.  This system was originally manufactured by STC Communications which may have been a division of Samsung.

This is a prime example of mid 1990s lower cost key system telephony, meant to try and compete with the Nortel Norstar line.  Even the name of the system “Prostar” is a complete rip of the Norstar name from Nortel.  In addition the voicemail on this system also ripped off Nortel and called it “starmail” similar to the Nortel Startalk voicemail.  

I personally don’t know how crabby current vintage Nortel users out there will call Nortel phones from the 1990s as old outdated designs as I personally feel the Meridian sets look light years ahead of these Prostar sets.  

The office told me that out of their six extensions, four work and of the four that work, only three have good audio.  There wasn’t much industrial engineering designed into this device other than the uniquely shaped handset.  Look at the blah boring key labels.   Talk about confusing! 

All I have to say in a long drawn out voice is “BORING!”