Phone of the Day (2): Nortel M3902 Digital Telephone at Hudsons Bay Downtown Toronto Ontario

Today’s second phone is a Nortel M3902 digital telephone operating on quite possibly the best department store pbx in the world, the Nortel CS1000 at the flagship Bay department store at Yonge and Bloor in downtown Toronto.  I feature a phone pic a year and a half ago from here, but figured I would show one again. The entire phone system is digital, all phones throughout the large flagship are digital M3900 sets, there are very few analog sets.

The store has been extensively renovated and looks beautiful.  The network phone system would be a prime candidate for the UCx  from Emetrotel.  They could simply tie a new UCx into the existing Meridian system, and keep all of their Nortel phones while completely fool proofing the system for the future with full continued support of their M1/CS1000 long after Avaya drops support.