E-MetroTel UCx 50 Installation at a Transport Business in The Toronto Area

I visited an install for a Nortel CICS upgrade to an E-MetroTel UCx 50 this past week.  The client decided to keep their digital phones and then add one IP client for the CEO to use at home.

The old Norstar CICS next to the new IP based UCx 50E.

Another side by side of the old system on the left and the new system on the right. 

The new UCx with the digital gateway above that control the Nortel M7000 and T7000 series Norstar sets.


This is the main dispatch agents M7310 telephone, he has the most call volume as he directs the limo drivers throughout the whole GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and North America.  This was a phone that had a logo branded with the previous Bell Canada logo.

 This was one of the main receptionist phones, relabeled with the UCx feature buttons.  Normally button caps would be printed, but the customer requested the buttons on the M Series sets to be labeled with their label maker.  The user also had an interesting handset headset device that hangs up the phone with the push of a button. 

Here is an M7208 at a users desk.

Here is a call center ACD agents telephone. She books all of the limo trips.

Here is one of the typical T7208 telephones throughout the office with new key labels.

 The one IP telephone that works on the system is the Nortel 1230 IP set, which will be used remotely.  This particular phone runs the safe and reliable Nortel Unistim firmware. The SIP version of the 1230 will also work. 

This is the operator panel that allows you to monitor active calls.