Phone of the Day: Nortel T7208 at Shoppers Drug Mart Eaton Centre Toronto

As I was visiting my favorite Canadian city Toronto this past week, I also visited my favorite drug store Shoppers Drug Mart at the Eaton Centre.  

Shoppers Drig Mart has long been a Nortel client and hopefully Emetrotel can keep them that way.  Their parent company is now Loblaws which is a Panasonic key telephone system customer.  Shoppers Drug Mart corporate uses a Meridian1/CS1000 as well.  They could upgrade their corporate office to a UCx 1000 and all of the stores to UCx50s and keep all of their Nortel telephones but have a back end that is fully supported by the E-MetroTel guys who designed all of this stuff at Nortel.  Hope they are going to read this! 

Like most retailers in Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart uses the overhead paging feature of the Nortel system and it sounds quite clear and audible. 

This particular telephone is at the main Beauty Boutique counter.  Beauty Boutique is similar to the Look Boutique I helped design when I was designing stores at my last job at an American drug chain.  We actually had the Nortel T7208s at our Look Boutiques, but eventually they were phased out with Cisco 7961 sets.