Phone of the Day: Nortel 1110

So today’s phone of the day is the Nortel 1110. I just got this beauty in the mail today to integrate it in to my eMetroTel UCx system. The little gem runs SIP firmware as well as Nortel/Avaya UNIStim. A little note, it originally ran UNIStim when first released in 2008 (the 1100 series were actually an evolution of the i200x phones), but a later firmware release in 2009 allowed SIP to be ran on the phone. In 2010, the firmware began including a VPN client to allow further remote workers to connect back to the PBX via the LAN, versus sending packets over the internet (though it’s possible). Interesting, it doesn’t include the “e” at the end like it’s siblings the 1120e, 1140e,1150e and 1165e. It does however run via PoE or can have a power supply hooked to it in-line. The 1110 supports a single telephone line and is used for lobby and conference center locations, with a fully backlit monochrome display of 143 x 32 pixels. The phone also has a 10/100 Ethernet switch port in the back of it.

Here’s a photo of my new 1110 running UNIStim (and being watched by Paddington Bear):

Nortel Avaya 1110