Phone of the Day: Nortel T7316 on the tv show Chicago Fire

I grabbed a screen shot of the TV as I watched Chicago Fire tonight.  The shot shows Chief Ray Riddle scolding and being a jerk to everyone as usual on this show, with a Nortel T7316 telephone on the desk. I might have to stop by the firehouse to see if these are the real phones of the firehouse or if they see props.  The fire house is pretty close to me but of course I’ll never get to meet the real actors! 

There are some other phones in other scenes that are RCA brand cheap 4 line sets that definitely aren’t functional.  I also think I spotted an analog Nortel Aastra M9316 in one of the episodes.

Chicago is still a huge Nortel city so it wouldn’t surprise me if they are the real phones in the firehouse.  


Well it’s actually a set…..

Here is a real picture of the firehouse…..he phones are definitely not Nortel…..