So you want to upgrade your school’s Nortel system??

So today, schools face a hard time, plagued with budget cuts and spending freezes due to government setbacks and cost control.

Your Nortel phone system works fine, but you are getting constant knocking on the doors from the big telecom providers saying you need to rid yourself of that Nortel equipment because it is no longer supported.  They tell you bull, such as “what will happen if there is a school emergency and your phone system lets you down?”  Or less harmful, they ask you what you are going to do if you want to add more extensions or put a phone in every classroom?  They will tell you that your Nortel product can no longer meet your needs and then they will say, “we will give you the phones, since you already have our networking equipment!, you’ll just have to pay for the licenses and upgrades.”  Next thing you know, you are spending 50K a year on software upgrades.

Or worse yet, say you bought a Nortel CS1000 for your school district in 2005.  Your M3900 sets are working wonderfully and are still in great shape.  The competition will come in and tell you that your equipment is going to die anyday now and that you need to upgrade to their $400,000 phone system.

Well there is a solution out there that will save you amazing amounts of money and will save you the hassle of having to retrain all employees on a new phone system.

It’s the UCx system from E-MetroTel.  I feel strongly about this system since I’ve been a Nortel passionate fan since the 1990s.  The team is all former Nortel engineers and sales force that knows the ins and outs of what Nortel customers want and keep on providing it, while the competition has left the Nortel customers empty handed.

So say you are a small school district with Norstar or BCM systems at each location.  You currently have digital telephones but want to upgrade to IP Telephones.  You also want to interconnect each school with a common dialing plan.  That’s where the BCM comes into play.  You can network each UCx together and provide a common dialing plan, all while maintaining your existing Nortel phones.  Once you want to upgrade to IP Telephones, you do not have to buy a special new IP telephony license, all that you need is to swap out the phone…..the licensing is one price and includes all telephony features as well as extension type….ie, SIP, Unistim IP, Analog, Digital.

Now you tell me that you are a large school district with Meridian 1 Option 11/51/61/81 cabinets or a CS1000 call server and you want to tie all of the locations together.  No need to run out and buy a new system.  With a UCx 450 or UCx 1000, you can upgrade the call servers/PBXs at each location to do all that I explained above with the smaller systems.  In fact if you have schools that have Norstar phones and other schools that have Meridian 1 telephones, you can combine them all into the UCx and they will work identically whether they are a T7316, M2616 or a M3903, etc.  That’s something that Nortel couldn’t even do.

Lastly, adding IP into the setup of any of these systems is easy and quick.  You have a choice of using Open Standards SIP telephony gateways made by Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, SNOM, or Yealink (amongst others) or you can use the Nortel Unistim i2000, 1100, 1200 IP Telephones as well.  The Unistim sets are chock full of features and can be tailored to use the Feature button in BCM mode, or use Softkey feature access in the CS1000 mode.

Features such as the schools bell system and school paging system can be easily integrated into the UCx.  Wireless Push to Talk SIP IP Phones can be given to administrators for full access to paging, intercom calling and walkie talkie functions, without having to purchase a separate radio system.

I hope you enjoyed my little chat on why I think the UCx would be perfect for a school!