Phones of the Day: Mexican Telephones in Cancun 

My beautiful girlfriend sent me these awesome photos from a resort her and her family are at in Mexico.

The first photo is at the Now Sapphire Riveria Cancun,  it’s the room telephone in her room.  It’s a typical crappy hotel room telephone seen in the US and Canada.  One advantage?  It’s free to call back to the USA.

Next has to be my favorite pic!  She found a Nortel M3902 digital telephone in the guest lounge at the Now Sapphire Riveria Cancun resort.  I was so happy to see a familiar Nortel telephone in Mexico.  I know that Nortel once had a huge presence in Mexico, including manufacturing Nortel telephones and switches.   It’s obvious this resort made a smart move when they installed this battleship rock solid Meridian1/CS1000 pbx.    This system is a perfect candidate to be upgraded to the UCx 1000 from Emetrotel. 

Next are a set of Telmex pay phones in Downtown Puerto Morales.  

Lastly is a really cool oddball looking old old telephone on a wall of a building in downtown Puerto Morales.  I assume the telephone either is functioning as a loud bell for their telephone line or it may be inoperable, as the handset is missing. 

Thank you Gina for sending me these awesome photos!