What to do when COLOR*SET doesn’t work

Have you ever either purchased a second-hand phone and COLOR*SET didn’t work to get in to the admin, or even better yet, reset the admin password and forgotten it? Depending on the firmware, you can do various things like try to reset to factory settings using ** + 73639 + MAC + ##, but sometimes that doesn’t even work. If you’ve got physical access to the phone, here’s a quick fix that will flash the phone back to the default firmware.

First thing, make sure you have all of the prerequisites before starting:

  • A DHCP Server you can change options on (I use Windows Server 2012). You can get a trial of it here. You can also put it in a virtual environment so you don’t mess up anything else
  • A TFTP Server. I use PumpKIN for this example.
  • The latest firmware for your phone from Avaya/Nortel. Again, for this example, I’ll use an 1120e. I went to http://support.avaya.com/downloads/ then put in 1120E IP Deskphone and chose UNIStim 5.x and then downloads.

Now we’ve got all of the necessary tools, let’s get configuring:

First – the DHCP Server:

  • Log in to the DHCP Server and go to the Options. You’ll need to enter the following Options:
    • Option 66 – this should be the IP address of your TFTP Server (I usually run PumpKIN on my DHCP Server)
    • Option 67 – this is the name of the config file you want the phone to read. It should be the name of the phone. In my case it’s 1120e.cfg (I’ll talk more about this later)
    • Option 128 – Call Server Information – this is the information around what your Call Server is (optional but I include it). It should be something like Nortel-i2004-A,,1,5;,1,5. The first data is formatted by commas and is:
      • Nortel-i2004-A (all Option 128’s start with this)
      • S1 IP Address
      • S1 Port
      • S1 Action
      • S1 Retry Count
      • S2 IP Address
      • S2 Port
      • S2 Action
      • S2 Retry Count
  • Here’s what it should look like:



Now the TFTP Server:

  • When you install PumpKIN – the default directory is C:\Program Files\Klever\Nothings. In this directory, you’ll want to put the BIN file you got from the Avaya site (in my case it was 0624C8Q.bin). You’ll also need to create a new text file called 1120e.cfg That file should have the following contents:

FILENAME 0624C8Q.bin

  • Note, the SERVER_IP has to be the IP of your TFTP server 🙂
  • Also, you’ll want to ensure VERSION and FILENAME match the firmware you downloaded.
  • With the configuration file in place go ahead and start PumpKIN and allow it to wait for further instructions.

Now the Phone

  • With the DHCP Options configured and PumpKIN running, as well as the configuration file in place, go ahead and boot the phone. Upon boot, PumpKIN should start to see the phone and begin to feed it a file


  • You should also begin to see the phone downloading the new firmware


  • Once the firmware is downloaded, the phone will do a memory map migration and this should also show on the screen


  • After the memory mapping is done, the phone will reboot again and the process should be complete.


Depending on the version of the firmware you were running before, the logo might now also switch from Nortel to Avaya. Simply wait for the chimes/beep and then press the four keys in sequence to get in to the admin menus (or the services key twice) and presto – the administrative password is once again COLOR*SET.