Phones of the Day: Cisco 7965 at a Bed and Bath Superstore in Chicago, IL

I was shopping for Christmas gifts yesterday and stopped at this bed and bath superstore in Lincoln Park Chicago and I discovered that they have upgraded their Toshiba DK Strata Telephones to color display Cisco IP telephones.

They also use some type of paging controller that makes an interesting time before they make a paging announcement.  What’s interesting is that they use walkie talkies and the paging system interchangeably.   They page a somewhat often but also use the walkies for immediate needs.  The paging is tied into awesome black Soundsphere round loudspeakers, that when combined with the clear audio of the Cisco telephones, sounds amazing on the PA system.  

I am a Nortel blue guy, but these blue color screens Cisco IP sets with the the sleek telephone design that dates to 1998, still look good today.  (Color LCD displays were introduced in 2006 I believe).