Phone of the Day: Nortel M7310 at a Wholesale Discount Store in Chicago, IL

Today my beautiful girlfriend and I did some after Christmas shopping.  Here is a photo of a pristine Nortel M7310 digital telephone at a wholesale club store in Lincoln Park Chicago that rhymes with “bostco”.  I spotted this at the service desk.  The page button must be completely useless because this retailer doesn’t believe in paging systems because they think they are too expensive.   Instead they buy a separate system of walkie talkies.  

The M7310 is an executive user set developed in 1987 and released in 1988 to work on the Norstar digital key telephone system from Nortel.  Quite possibly one of the most famous and durable phones in the world in the 1990s and 2000s, this phone is being unnecessarily ripped out of most places lately and replaced with Cisco.  Current IT managers are led to believe this phone is no longer supported and will fail at any moment.  On the contrary, these phones are still supported with the UCx from Emetrotel and they will keep working and working.  Even if they are connected to a first generation Norstar system they will keep working and working because the Norstar systems are practically bomb proof.  People remove them because they think they look “old” or are going to blow up from old age at any moment.  The truth is, these phones are indestructible, enough said.