Phone of the Day: Nortel M3902 Digital Telephone at the Now Riveria Maya Cancun Mexico

I featured some Mexican telephones last month but I wanted to specifically feature a Nortel Meridian1/CS1000 telephone spotted by my girlfriend last month at this Mexican resort in Cancun. 

It’s pretty awesome to see a familiar Canadian developed telephone in Mexico.  In fact, most of the Nortel telephone sets produced for Meridian 1 and Norstar were manufactured in Mexico at the Nortel Monterry Mexico facility opened in 1994 with 1600 employees.  Most of the phones manufactured there were exported while 10 percent remained in Mexico. 

This particular telephone is a single line digital telephone meant to work on the Nortel Meridian 1/CS1000 PBX systems.  It’s considered a “Taurus” series digital telephone which superseded the Aries Digital telephones.  It actually works on the Emetrotel UCx next generation Nortel PBX switch as well.  The phone is still produced and manufactured by Avaya but it’s basically the same Nortel phone with Avaya badging. 

The M3902 is the only M3900 set that allows you to program the three softkeys underneath the display.